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Hommage au centenaire du

mouvement d'indépendance coréen

Automne-Hiver 2019-2020


          This FW 19 collection combines the inspiration gained from the colors of the “Taegeukgi”, the national flag of Korea, with the paintings of Korean traditional books “Chekgado”, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Korean independence Movement. The “Chekgado” is considered important among the various styles of folk paintings, and it is a style that became fashionable in court paintings. The “Chekgado”, which is somewhat unfamiliar to the general public, is combined with the spirit of the 3.1 movement, which has a great significance in Korean history.

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the Korean independence Movement, this FW19 collection will show the spirit of Korea and the history of Korean people through 40 looks to the world stage in Paris.

Textile Designer : Garance Tresarrieu



Shoes : SAERA

Textile : B.O.B Textile, Shema Silk

Flower arrangement : Maison Sympathique Paris

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